Before Hours

I am well acquainted with bars after hours, when the ashtrays need to be cleaned, when the floor is filthy with the dust of a hundred footprints, when the feet are weary from hours of standing. However I was curious to explore a bar before hours, the space clean and empty, the function of the space lying dormant in a cocoon of waiting for the impending evening's story. I was curious to experience these typically nocturnal spaces outside of the usual time of night. Empty and devoid of people during the day, what if anything is left over from the nightly romps of inebriated and emotionally charged humanity. What I found is that although the human element is removed, the humanity is not gone from these spaces. These interiors are marked in a multitude of ways so that layers of human experience are etched within the walls, floors, and furniture like wrinkles and scars accruing upon an aging face. 

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