Illuminated Pages

The action of turning the page is an action of disconnect, the image on one side of the page is ever separated from the image on the other side, so near and yet so far, like the viewer reading in one country is always separated from what is being referenced via words and photographs in magazine’s like National Geographic. It was my intent in this series to use photography as a way to combine and reconnect pieces of the world, to create an image comprised of layers, of complexity, because to me this is one of the great gifts of photography, that it has the ability to allow us to see in ways that our eyes cannot. We can only ever see, via our eyes, one moment in one space at a time, but photography does not have this limitation. The camera has a more complex way of seeing when allowed to be more than just an extension of the human eye. Using a 4x5 view camera and a simple, store bought lamp, I shot light through selected National Geographic pages taped to a cardboard frame set up on my desk. In illuminating the pages so that the images on each side come together to form a third image, I hope that the viewer will give pause for a moment to reflect upon the complexity that lies past the exterior of each person, each story, each culture, each conflict; that there is always a more intricate narrative than the surface that is reflected in the newspapers, documentaries, magazines, and photographs that populate this media-driven, image-ridden, contemporary world.

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